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Saturday, July 29 2006

Recently, on a popular networking board, there was much discussion on whether writing articles and distributing them to various article directories and websites is worth it.  The consensus was mixed.  While some found success with this marketing technique, others found it to be a waste of time and energy.  So, I guess you could say the jury is still out with my networking friends on the value of article distribution.

Now there are several so called web gurus who rave about the possibilities of article submission and all that it can do for you both financially and for ranking.  Of course, keep in mind they are selling a product that just happens to help you with this marketing project.

If you are convinced you want to give it a try, here are some good resources for submitting articles:

Our hope is your results will finally answer the question:  Does submitting articles to article directories and websites for inclusion really pay off?  If you discover the answer, we'd love the feedback.

Diane - Support


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Sunday, July 23 2006 offers a free submission software for visitors.  Most search engines will automatically spider your site, however, if you are anxious to get your site our there...try their free service.

Click here!

Happy submitting,

Diane - Support

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Thursday, July 20 2006

If you are considering advertising on Yahoo and don't know where to begin, Yahoo provides an interesting tutorial for first time users and those looking to brush up on their skills.

They offer topics on budgeting, how to find more keywords, tracking your results and best practices.  Follow the link below to get started.

Yahoo Tutorials

Take the time to review their information and put it to use for your business.

Good luck,

Diane - Support

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Wednesday, July 19 2006

Are you trying to find your website on the world wide web and rankings for your targeted keywords?  Google has developed a ranking tool that can give you the answer of all it's free.  The tool returns results for Google, Yahoo and MSN.

You need a Google API Key to use this free service.  Go to to request your key and to get started.  Existing Google members (Adwords or Adsense user) just need to enter the email address you use with one of your Google accounts to get a key.  The key is then emailed to you.  Be sure to save it.  Once you have it you can enter your keywords, domain and key to find your results for the three major search engines. 

Now we have found that the results aren't always accurate, but it is still a fun and interesting tool. 

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Tuesday, July 18 2006

We wanted to take this moment to share with you the basics of building a successful website.  Here are 3 quick tips to help you get started:

1) Find a Niche - Target your website for a particular product or service.  For instance, if your website is about recipes, adding apartment listings will do little to further your site's success.  Adding dessert recipes, Italian recipes and such will fit the theme of your site.

2) Web Copy - Focus your web copy for your customer.  They are looking for "What's In It For Me?"  Take time to write good web copy or pay someone who can.

3) Fresh Content - Keep your website content up to date and fresh.  Visitors seldom return to a site whose web dialogue and content are never updated or new things of interest added are never added.

You can find more tips for building a successful website by visiting our articles section at

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