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Tuesday, November 01 2022

A browser title is the wording you see at the very top of your computer screen.  Generally it is either a blue or green colored bar that runs the entire length of your computer screen.  When you visit a website, you will notice that the colored bar at the very top of your computer screen has various keywords, domain name, etc. concerning that website.

For instance, when we visit the home page of we will see that the browser title says, "Make Your Own Website - Your Make a Website Builder."  This is the browser title for that page.

What can it do for you?  Well, this depends on the search engine.  Browser titles are more helpful in achieving a better ranking in Yahoo, MSN, AOL, etc.  Google does not put as much emphasis on the browser titles, however it is still of value to set each page separately.

How do you set your browser title with  Login and click on edit.  Then select the red button at the top that says, "Page List."  Find the page you would like to edit the browser title and click on "Properties" next to that page listing.  Next, type in your keywords in the second field titled, "Page Title: (displayed in your browser title bar)."

Put a sentence or words that are keyword rich for your browser title on each page. For example, lets say you are selling digital cameras on a page.  A possible browser title for this page could be: Sony Digital Cameras, Cannon, Nikkon Digital Cameras, 35mm Cameras.

Note: Each page should have it's own browser title that is keyword rich and specific for that page.  If you are unsure what keywords to use, check out a few of your competitor's websites to see what is working for them. Taking time to set your browser titles will help you achieve a better ranking over time.

Note: You may also see title tags referred to as "meta titles" or "meta title tags" in some cases. While controversial with some, either usage is typically fine.

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Friday, September 16 2011

Included in the latest release is the option for ecommerce account holders to setup an affiliate program. Using this feature the merchant can setup a commission rate to be earned by the affiliates and banners for the affiliates to display on their websites. Orders created by visitors who reach the site via these banners will be tracked and an affiliate payment will be computed. The merchant can keep track of their affiliate payments via their website admin.

How it works:

The merchant creates an affiliate program with a percentage based commission via the affiliates area in the Store section. They setup an affiliate commission rate and write up how the affiliate program works in the program description area. Then they add banners that the affiliates will have to choose from to display on their website.

Affiliates are created via the User accounts system. This can be done via the normal user account to a group methods: manually enter the affiliate user, create a form that sets up the submission as a user in the group, the standard create account option

Once the affiliate user is created, the affiliate logs in via the My account area and clicks the affiliate tab. They can see details of the affiliate program and grab HTML to display the merchant's banner on the affiliate website. Sales completed by customers who reach the site by clicking the banner will be tracked and commissions will be applied to the affiliate.

The merchant can view the amount owed to the affiliate and register a payment by finding the user in the user accounts area (affiliate group) and clicking the affiliate tab. The merchant would still need to actually send the payment to the affiliate.

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Friday, September 16 2011
In our latest release, orders will now be automatically archived. Order states of Completed, Shipped, and Cancelled will automatically be moved to the history area after 3 months. All other order states will automatically be moved to history after 6 months. Merchants can still access these orders by clicking the history link in their order manager area or by entering the order id in the search field. Ecommerce reports will still reflect information for all completed and shipped orders even if the order has been archived. This adjustment increases the performance of the order management area. Merchants with a large number of orders that they did not archive themselves, will see a significant increase in the loading time of their order manager.
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Friday, September 16 2011
User accounts
The user accounts pages have been updated to make accounts easier to navigate and manage.

Tabs have been added at the top of the user accounts page that let you easily switch between the user groups and user accounts view. Navigation has been enhanced to make it easier to switch between user groups.

The user accounts details page now opens in a popup window for quick access. The selected user group checkboxes have been updated to make them easier to work with. A new link has been added to the user account detail page that lets you send a quick email to the user.

Mailing list
The site mailing list pages have been reworked to make the mailing list easier to use.

  • Updated mailing list user interface.
  • New email templates added (30+ new templates).
  • New email templates automatically include social networking links in the template.
  • Updated mailing list template user interface. You can now preview a template before selecting it.
New option to set the email "from" display name as well as a tracking code for the email. The tracking code is automatically added to links in your email. This allows you to track the effectiveness of your newsletters.

Form builder
New options at the top of the form builder make it easier to enable the contact DB and mailing list features on the form. The form builder user interface has been updated. There were a lot of options on the page which can make the form builder a bit confusing to configure. Some options have been moved into settings tabs.

Social networking
The social networking sharing icons now include the Google +1 button and LinkedIn buttons. You also now have the option to hide/display both the social widget buttons or the social icons. A new option to send a Tweet from with in the admin has been added to the marketing area. The blog manager has a direct link to send a tweet about a blog post.

Edit tabs [preview/experimental]
This updates includes an experimental new site builder header. We have added an option to try out a new set of tabs at the top of the site builder to get feedback. The new set of tabs provides quick access to the new marketing/reports area as well as direct access to core ecommerce functions for store accounts. It will be easy for customers to switch between the existing tabs and the new tabs.

Website edit header tabs

  • admin
  • view site
  • edit site
  • design
  • marketing/reports
  • help

Ecommerce edit header tabs

  • admin
  • website
  • store setup
  • products
  • orders
  • customers
  • marketing/reports
  • help
The new marketing/reports sections provides easy access to the most important markting features that are integrated with the site builder as well as quick access to statistics, search engine submission and site guides. The core marketing features, blog, mailing list, social networking settings and twitter are all included.

Misc updates

  • The view/edit tab drop down menu now includes links to the settings pages.
  • Message board no longer requires capcha when you are logged in.
  • Displayable user name for message board when user accounts/login required to post messages.
  • Updated mobile/browser detection for stats and mobile pages.
  • The drop down tab menu for edit site now includes direct links to all of the settings pages.
  • Calendar uses timezone offset.
  • Site page search now includes blog posts and HTML pages.

Media library page
Use the new media library page to create a sortable media list with embedded media player. Upload your audio/video files. The media library automatically creates a RSS feed/pod cast for the uploaded media.

Text editor
The text editor 2.0 now allows you to easily setup H1, H2, H3 tags via the style drop down. Simple select your text and click the style drop down to apply one of the header styles.


  • The blog user interface has been updated.
  • New option to save a blog post as a draft.
  • Added support for integrating facebook comment system (enable from blog settings page).
  • Blog manager now has direct links to easily send a tweet with link for new blog posts.
Basic traffic stats
  • Basic traffic stats are now maintained for up to 3 years (this will only include stats collected after the update is installed)
  • New option to reset all your traffic stats
  • New option to reset your traffic stats referrers/search engines/keywords
  • Stats have been updated to be tracked in the site owners local time based on their time zone setting
  • NOTE: stats before this update will not reflect the correct timezone


  • Ecommerce reports are now displayed in the users time zone (only applies to new orders completed after this update)
  • For products that ship in their own box, you can now set the package dimensions
  • New gateway (Moneris for US merchants)
Tell us what you think!
We are always looking to improve the quality of our services and your feedback is appreciated. If you have any ideas or suggestions let us know.
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Wednesday, May 04 2011
Make An Easy Website has released it's latest website builder software version 4.18.  Features were updated in our basic sitebuilder along with our ecommerce website builder.  Click on the admin tab and then review all updates on the far right under the "news" heading.  Feel free to leave any comments on this blog.
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Wednesday, September 09 2009

Lots of new upgrades releasing to make your website building experience more dynamic and user friendly.

Take a 10 day free test drive.


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Thursday, February 26 2009

We recently added many more new features to make your website building experience easier. 

Some new upgrades...

  • New blog styles and layouts
  • New templates and layout themes
  • Ecommerce upgrades

Take a free trial.  An easy way to get started is by using the video tutorials under the help section.


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Friday, December 26 2008

We have many website builder upgrades and enhancements scheduled for 2009.

Be sure to check us out for all the latest advancements and design elements next year.


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Tuesday, May 20 2008

New enhancements have been made to our site builder to make your websites even more dynamic and creative!


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Wednesday, November 07 2007
We have added even more templates, headers and updates to our service. Support
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