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We offer Video Tutorials to make building your website easier.  Simply start a free trial, click on help, then tutorials to get started.  

You'll discover how easy it is to make your own website using our website builder.


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Currently we are only offering Blog Posts within the technology field to advertise in.  Each blog post will consist of no more than 500 words and 2 keyword links.  Each blog post is a one time fee of $100 and must be approved prior to placement. 

The following categories are considered in the technology field.

  • Computer Hardware / Software
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Website add-on Tools
  • Anything that would provide a benefit to website hosting
The following categories will NOT be considered
  • Adult Rated
  • Pharmacies / Pills
  • Gambling
  • Direct Hosting Competition

The Use of a Reciprocal Link may be considered if valuable:

Link to:     Keyword: Make Your Own Website

Please fill out the following form and submit it.  We will review the request and if approved we will invoice you $100 via paypal.  Once paid we will publish the post within 2 business days. 

Blog Post - 1 Time Fee of $100 
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