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Nameservers?  What Does It All Mean?

Have you always wanted to know what all those tech geeks are referring to when building a website?  Here we give you a quick run down of what these do for you and your website. 

  • IP ADDRESS: Numeric addresses or Internet Protocol addresses. Each website you visit has an IP Address.  Example:  68.123.124.  Think of it much like your local mailing address.
  • DOMAIN NAME: The name associated with your website...your searchable name on the world wide web.  Example: You'll need a domain to get your sight online.
  • SERVER: A server is much like a computer which manages software that is used for the internet. Much like your home computer, except it stores files of your website so that it can be viewable online.
  • HOSTING: A company which provides you server space for a monthly fee.  Basically, much like a parking space for your website.   
  • NAMESERVERS: A server responsible for translating domain names and IP addresses to point to your website.  There are generally two nameservers for each website.  Once you have your website ready to launch to the world, you will need to switch the domain servers to the address provided by your hosting company.  For example: DNS.BIZSITESERVICE.COM.

Now that you have a better understanding, you are ready to build your website. 

Best of success,

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