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We offer Video Tutorials to make building your website easier.  Simply start a free trial, click on help, then tutorials to get started.  

You'll discover how easy it is to make your own website using our website builder.


Promoting Your Website

There are many ways to effectively and affordably promote and market your website.  Of course, if you have an unlimited ad budget your job will be easier and require less time or your part, but more money from your pocketbook.

If your budget is tight, we suggest visiting  The website offers valuable do-it-yourself tips on optimizing your website and submitting it for inclusion to the search engines. First you'll need a thorough understanding of how search engines really work and how to interpret the results you get from your efforts so that you can improve your rankings.  Be sure to read those sections and bookmark the website for future reference. also provides insight into pay per click marketing, tweaking your website for keywords and information about online marketing. 

Another good site is They offer lots of useful information and a forum.

In addition, we recommend joining various online groups and boards that fit the theme of your website.  Join the group conversations and promote using your signature or tag line.  Many groups and boards have advertising days which will give you additional opportunities to promote your products and/or services.  Some of the most popular groups can be found by searching Yahoo Groups.  Search for message boards and forums by doing a search on Google for those keywords.

You may also want to do a search for websites and forums that particularly focus on the topics of website marketing and optimization.  While all this does take time, you will find your commitment to learning the ins and outs of online marketing to be a valuable tool in the success on your website and online business.

Don't forget the value of linking up.  Linking with other websites that fit the demographics and compliment the theme of your website can be a valuable marketing tool.  Avoid link farms.

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