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If you've surfed the web, then you know there are both quality sites and those that could use a lot of help and updating.  Here we offer five quick tips for making your website work.

5 Ways to Make a Website Stand Out

1. Don't Use Dark Background Colors
Avoid using colors that distract from what it is you are trying to sell or market.  White is best and will present your product as the focus of your website.  A splash of color works best when adding color to your webpage.

2. Avoid Using Wallpaper
Having busy wallpaper will do little to entice your customers to purchase or remain on your website.  Dial-up users may become so frustrated with waiting for it to load that they simply move on.

3. Music to My Ears
Remember when adding music that you don't control the visitors speakers and taste in music.  Also audio files that are set to load when your site is opened will slow down the load time.  Dial-up users most likely won't stick around long for this to happen. 

4. Minimize Popups
Nothing is more frustrating than visiting a website with popups. If you just have to have them, keep them to a minimum.

5. Flash is Trash
Don't you just hate waiting for those flash pages to load?  Visitors want the information fast and most don't want to wade through a flash page to get to the information.  While flash pages can be entertaining or visually appealing, they are also a thing of the past. 

These are just a few quick tips to put you on the road to a successful website.
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